Rack Identification Labels

Rack identification labels ensure the tracking, tracing, and identification of products and their location within a warehouse. Imperative to your warehouse functionality, your rack labels provide detailed information such as exact location, inventory stock, picking information, and more.

  • Low print cost
  • Perfect barcode legibility

Rack labels for Logistics

These labels can require mid-level durability and abrasion needs, making the process of choosing the label stock and ribbon a bit more complex. However, proper rack identification labels can improve your warehouse productivity, ensuring that you can easily find what is needed in a timely manner.

Replacing your existing warehouse labels or initial installation of your labels can improve your overall procedures and increase productivity.

Solutions for your Warehouse Rack Labeling System

There are multiple types of rack identification labels that you can implement directly onto your racking system. It all depends on your needs and why it will provide you with the most efficiency.

Polyester Warehouse Rack, Bin, and Tote Labels

You may store product on your racking system or in individual totes, bins, or boxes. Either way, you will need a label to have the ability to withstand consistent handling as these will be moved often for packing, shipping, and stocking purposes.

Combined with a wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon, these labels will provide you with a long-lasting, durable solution that can withstand abrasion and handling. In addition, this ribbon and label stock combination results in crisp text and graphics, allowing you to eliminate any confusion and improve warehouse process functionality.

Multi-level Warehouse Rack labels

A multi-level rack label is designed to showcase multiple levels of product location information on a longer, more extended label. You may also know these as a tree, frame, or vertical post label as they adhere to a beam or frame post vertically or horizontally.

The efficiency of multi-level rack labels can be helpful for shelves that may be out of reach and eliminate the need for extended reach scanners.

Workers who need to identify the location and information stored can find these labels helpful. They can be placed at eye level and still provide information for top-tier stored goods, removing the need for any lifts.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

With ARMOR-IIMAKs wide range of options to choose from, you’re bound to discover what will work best for your needs. Our experts can help you find the perfect solution for your application needs. Our thermal transfer ribbons won’t require you to continue repairing labels because thermal transfer technology can ensure that your labels remain legible regardless of the conditions they are exposed to!

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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