Crate and tote Labels

The collection, transportation, storage, and distribution of fresh produce and other consumable goods within the food processing industry may utilize plastic or wooden crates.
In order to effectively track the product, your crates need to be labeled appropriately with variable information to identify the contents and deliver them to the proper destination.

  • Able to print on a wide variety of label materials
  • Printing resistant to aggressive handling

Crate and Tote Labels for Food

To accomplish this, your crate labels must be legible and have the ability to be correctly read by humans and by barcode scanners. If you experience one illegible barcode or faded batch number, the entire logistics chain can be disrupted and even lead to a rejected delivery by the customer.
These labels provide imperative information to farmers, manufacturing process plants, stores, and consumers; some of this information may include:

  • Country of origin
  • Delivery location
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Product type
  • And more

Constraints you may face with your food crate labels

Often the harvesting, production, storage, handling conditions, and transportation environments that your boxes and crates become exposed to can impact your printed labels’ durability and legibility, causing label abrasion.
To avoid any alteration of your labels, you’ll need them to have resistance against elements such as:

  • Humidity
  • High and low temperatures
  • Cleaning products
  • UV light

An example of this is the re-utilization of containers and boxes in food-processing industries for fruits and vegetables. When crates and tote containers are re-used, they should be cleaned and sterilized so that when a new product is placed inside, it is not exposed to any previous wax or pesticides used.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Thermal Transfer Technology Solutions for Food Crate Labels

Implementing a wax, wax/resin, or resin thermal transfer ribbon can enable you to properly track, trace and identify your product throughout its journey. When combined with the correct label stock, this print technology provides the needed durable label printing so you can avoid scratching, smudging, fading of any labels used.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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