MY ARMOR-IIMAK: Our New Tool That Helps You Grow Your Business

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Connect to MY ARMOR-IIMAK and find your products, your requests, and your dedicated marketing tools.

At the heart of this initiative was a simple goal: to empower you. ARMOR-IIMAK envisioned a digital platform that not only facilitates swift access to vital information but also streamlines tasks, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on growing your business.

Built upon a foundation of customer-centric values, MY ARMOR-IIMAK demonstrates its deep commitment to enhancing the customer experience across its entire digital ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Easy item search function
  • Export results easily
  • Intuitive customer experience
  • Dashboard/home page
  • Easy to find or create new requests
  • Graph of Purchase History
  • Easy interaction between you and your ARMOR-IIMAK sales contact

Explore MY ARMOR-IIMAK and see how easy it is to find what you need, gather information, and connect with your support team.

Discover MY ARMOR-IIMAK account through our game: Chase the Unicorn!

We are offering a game for the portal launch this year.

Three winners in each region will be chosen: EMEA, Americas, and Asia. Winners receive a breakfast for their team. Detailed instructions and rules for the game are available below.

The Story

A confused unicorn has broken into the ARMOR-IIMAK warehouse and caused several bottles of ink to fall over. Unfortunately, she’s trapped inside and doesn’t know the code for the exit door! Can you crack the code to help her?

How to Play

Find 6 unicorn’s footprints and do the simple calculation to solve the code. The footprints are in 2 sizes (small and large) in the inkanto colors. (Example: if the small orange footprint is ATX1. The number needed for the calculation is 1.)

Game dates:

·        May 14 – May 31

*Inside IIMAK US integration in 2025

Access to the game rules

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